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Chopper Redemption.

  re·demp·tion act of redeeming  or the state of being redeemed. 2.deliverance; rescue. 3.Theology . deliverance from sin; salvation. 4.atonement for guilt. ……………………………. A few weeks ago, a Honda Cb750  chopper appeared on Craigslist in Paso Robles. The bike looked to have been a factory chop, sporting extended forks, apes, a king and queen seat, and a custom 70′s airbrush paintjob on the stock tank. It had “Stone […]

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July 28,2012

What a day this one turned out to be! I drove out to the Long Beach Swap Meet to interview Panhead Billy for my final audio project. He gave me a stellar interview and I still had time to mosey around the grounds. Not too many choppers at the show, but lots of cool stuff […]

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