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March Against Monsanto in Oxnard, May 25th, 2013.

So if you haven’t figured out by now, this is a website about automotive photography. The reason i’m posting this is because the news never showed up, and if I don’t show you these pictures, there is a good chance you will never know it even happened. I was very excited to hear about the […]

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Joseph “Jojo” Trejo’s Memorial cruise in Santa Barbara.

A couple of weeks ago I was sleeping in and woke up to a Facebook message from Nite Life C.C stating that their was going to be a memorial cruise. Danny Trejo is the president of Nite Life and the memorial cruise was in honor of his brother “JoJo” who had passed away recently.  I got myself […]

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Donny’s stretched Pete

I was cruising down the Avenue one day minding my own business when I saw this beast parked out front of Red Barn Liquor. My jaw fell into my lap and I almost broke my neck. I immediately pulled over to get a better look. The owner was getting ready to leave and I caught […]

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