Joseph “Jojo” Trejo’s Memorial cruise in Santa Barbara.

A couple of weeks ago I was sleeping in and woke up to a Facebook message from Nite Life C.C stating that their was going to be a memorial cruise. Danny Trejo is the president of Nite Life and the memorial cruise was in honor of his brother “JoJo” who had passed away recently.  I got myself together and headed up the coast to Santa Barbara. I got there about 15 minutes before the engines started turning over. In a glorious cloud of smoke, the exhaust notes of the bombas and Harley Davidsons mixed in perfect harmony. It was an emotional sight for many as the motorcycles blocked off traffic at red lights to allow the procession to proceed intact. The cruise began on Milpas Street, made its way down to Cabrillo Blvd. to end at Shoreline Park where the food was waiting. The funk played, the food was consumed, and many respects were paid to the fallen rider. The entire event was planned by Jojo himself after he learned of his failing health and the Trejo family did him proud. Jojo’s son Elijah now holds the keys to the 1948 Fleetline and will continue cruising it in honor of his father.  I feel blessed to have been able to take part in such a special, ceremonious occasion and hope that when I move on, I can get one half as good.


JoJoMemorialCruise001 JoJoMemorialCruise002 JoJoMemorialCruise003 JoJoMemorialCruise004 JoJoMemorialCruise005 JoJoMemorialCruise006 JoJoMemorialCruise007 JoJoMemorialCruise008 JoJoMemorialCruise009 JoJoMemorialCruise010 JoJoMemorialCruise011 JoJoMemorialCruise012 JoJoMemorialCruise013 JoJoMemorialCruise014 JoJoMemorialCruise015 JoJoMemorialCruise016 JoJoMemorialCruise017 JoJoMemorialCruise018 JoJoMemorialCruise019 JoJoMemorialCruise020 JoJoMemorialCruise021 JoJoMemorialCruise022 JoJoMemorialCruise023 JoJoMemorialCruise024 JoJoMemorialCruise025 JoJoMemorialCruise026 JoJoMemorialCruise027 JoJoMemorialCruise028 JoJoMemorialCruise029 JoJoMemorialCruise030 JoJoMemorialCruise031 JoJoMemorialCruise032 JoJoMemorialCruise033 JoJoMemorialCruise034 JoJoMemorialCruise035 JoJoMemorialCruise036 JoJoMemorialCruise037 JoJoMemorialCruise038

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