March Against Monsanto in Oxnard, May 25th, 2013.

So if you haven’t figured out by now, this is a website about automotive photography. The reason i’m posting this is because the news never showed up, and if I don’t show you these pictures, there is a good chance you will never know it even happened. I was very excited to hear about the “Monsanto Protection act” being overturned in court, but I had not idea that there would be protests popping up all over the world about it. I was extremely excited to hear there was one going on in Oxnard, which is appropriate because Monsanto’s main West Coast seed hub is located here. The “March Against Monsanto” met at Wal Mart on Rose Ave., then right around 10:00 we began moving south down Rose avenue, making a left onto Camino Del Sol, crossing over Rice rd, and ending at the┬áMonsanto/Seminis headquarters just after the intersection. The horn honking response from the cars and semi trucks driving by was overwhelming. The American public is pissed off that this is being allowed to happen and they won’t stand for it anymore. After making our point to the Oxnard Police Department and anyone else who might happen to be walking by, we moved back to the base camp on Camino Del Sol where there was water, food, face painting, music, and comraderie. I am proud to have taken part in this rally and encourage you to stay informed about what Monsanto had been doing to the food you eat. If you still have a spine and a brain on your shoulders, stand up for yourself as a human and let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters.

After I got a ride back to Walmart to get the Ranger, I made my way up to Saticoy to visit The Lab805, which I had been hearing about for awhile. The Lab805 is a graffiti mecca, and on this particular afternoon 6 writers were doing the do, and I got to watch the pieces unfold first hand. Props to Kontra for supplying the Modelos and smoke. I felt very welcome and will return soon.


MonsantoMarch001 MonsantoMarch002 MonsantoMarch004 MonsantoMarch007 MonsantoMarch013 MonsantoMarch015 MonsantoMarch017 MonsantoMarch020 MonsantoMarch021 MonsantoMarch024 MonsantoMarch027 MonsantoMarch029 MonsantoMarch030 MonsantoMarch032 MonsantoMarch035 MonsantoMarch036 MonsantoMarch037 MonsantoMarch038 MonsantoMarch039 MonsantoMarch046 MonsantoMarch047 MonsantoMarch048 MonsantoMarch052 MonsantoMarch054 MonsantoMarch056 MonsantoMarch061 MonsantoMarch062 MonsantoMarch063 MonsantoMarch064 MonsantoMarch065 MonsantoMarch066 MonsantoMarch068 MonsantoMarch069 MonsantoMarch071 MonsantoMarch072 MonsantoMarch073 MonsantoMarch074 MonsantoMarch075 MonsantoMarch076 MonsantoMarch077

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