Panhead Billy Burrows

I met Billy after (I missed) the Street Chopper issue release party at Garage Company in Inglewood. I had just left the Barrett Jackson auction in Orange County and stopped by the shop on my way home. I had a leftover meal ticket which I had held on to as I had already had my fill of food. I wanted to give it to a former military member but couldn’t seem to find any on my way out the gate. I was bummed that no one would be able to enjoy a delicious free meal until I started chatting with Billy and he informed me of his plans to attend the Barrett Jackson the following day. I immediately asked him if he had served, and he had indeed during the late 1960′s in the Air Force. It then became clear to me that Billy was the one who was supposed to enjoy the meal all along. It was one of those weird occurrences where two people randomly cross paths, but in such a perfect way that it makes you wonder how random it really was to begin with.

At any rate, the man you are looking at here is about as red blooded of a biker as you will ever meet. He has been eating up our nation’s asphalt and concrete from coast to coast on his rigid ‘60 Panhead since 1983, and has filled up three brain buckets with the names of small towns he has visited. His milage is matched only by his character, which is the polar opposite of what you would expect from a leather skinned biker. He has a firm handshake but is otherwise as gentle, polite, and well-mannered as anyone I have ever met. If you Google his name you will be hard pressed to find anything less then the utmost praise from the people who have had the pleasure of meeting him.  He is a stellar example among a dying breed of Americans who really live life for what its worth. I would love to spend more time with him in the future for some portraits and an interview, but the road calls his name and he will be making his way toward Sturgis any day now.

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